New TaskPaper Script Location

As of TaskPaper 2.2.6 the app’s script menu has been removed. This means that we’ve got to move our scripts to where they can be accessed from the script global menu. I moved mine to the following location:


The Scripts icon lives in the menu bar up by the clock. If you don’t see it there you can turn it on by going into the AppleScript Editor preferences and checking  ‘Show Script menu in menu bar’.

And voila:

Hint: You don’t have to go hunting for the AppleScript Editor in the Finder as the easiest way to launch it is to type its name into Spotlight.


Signed up with Google for the Android Market

I just completed the signup process to sell apps on the Android Market. The process isn’t difficult at all. It’s tightly integrated with (unsurprisingly) Google Checkout which makes sense but I now have another financial account to keep track of which is no fun.

Technitai: Staking Out My Digital Turf

Just about eight years ago I bought the technitai domain name and set out establishing my online ID.  I used the domain to present the bits of software that I developed as well as things that I had learned.  At the time I worked at an ISP which made it easy to do the hosting and whatnot.  But eventually I moved on to a true blue software development career and the domain name fell out of use.  Well, it’s time to again stake out my own bit of digital turf and this time around I’m going with an established company to do it.  So hopefully I can stick around a lot longer.