I just stumbled upon and it is incredible. The site is chock full of articles that are inspiring in the creative sense. I love finding things that make me think differently about the projects I’m working on.


Firefight! Battle Deck Example

I do game design as well as software development.  One of the key components to our games is a deck of custom cards used to determine your status when “taken out”.  We’re currently creating a new deck and revamping the old line.  Below is a sample of the revamp.

Hewing back to the digital side of things, the card was designed using Inkscape, Pixelmator and Pages.  The logo was originally done in Inkscape where it was saved as an SVG.  From Inkscape it was exported as a 400 DPI PDF and dropped into Pages for composition.  Pixelmator was used for background image color tweaking.  Pages was used for composition.  Pages layout mode is fantastic for mocking up something like this.  The only issue is that the image loses some quality according to how it’s rendered by the PDF engine.  The card itself looks much better printed from the PDF than it does exported to another image type.  You cannot save as an image from Pages.  To get the PNG for this post I exported the entire document as a PDF and then with I saved it as a Portable Network Graphic.  The final step was opening it up in Pixelmator for trimming.  In print it sounds a bit cumbersome but in practice it’s pretty danged easy.

Firefight! Battle Deck Example