Hip Pocket AAR Writer App Store Summary

I’m prepping my first app for submission to the App Store. Here’s the summary:

Whether you’re looking to improve process for a software development project or to provide beneficial feedback after an action combat sport event such as airsoft or paintball the After Action Review (AAR) is invaluable.

The After Action Review provides an opportunity for discussion, encouraging additional observations and comments, making it a key part of the training process. Participants learn and remember more from an After Action Review than from a critique alone because the focus is not only on what’s wrong.  What went right (Sustain) matters too.

The Hip Pocket AAR Writer aids in assembling and sharing concise informal AARs.  Use the app to capture essential data points; Title, Date, Location, Summary, Improve and Sustain and share them as part of a review with your team.

At any time, in Preview the assembled review may be copied to the clipboard as HTML or BBCODE for pasting into other applications or to the web or it may be sent as an HTML message using Mail.app.

After sharing, simply tap Delete to wipe the slate clean for the next review.


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